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What in the world kind of title to a blog is that?!?! It just so happens that is the name of our dog’s favorite toy. It’s one of those stuffedanimalropetoy things. She will carry it around with her for hours, and it is a definite must have if we travel.

I thought you were Reiki practitioner? Yes, thank you for paying attention.

Then why are you talking about animals?

I am talking about animals because they too can benefit from Reiki. All animals have chakra energy centers just like humans. Sometimes they are in a little bit different place on an animal, but they still function the very same way. Your pet’s chakra can be out of balance or blocked due to trauma or illness, just like yours.

All animals from gerbils to giraffes can benefit from Reiki. Reiki is used in shelter situations to calm dogs and cats and give them a respite from the stress of being confined. Equine centers use it for their horses. Rescue animals can benefit from Reiki to help them heal from the emotional trauma they suffered.

Reiki may also benefit your dog or cat if they are suffering from chronic pain or a specific ailment. A pet may also experience emotional pain due to the death of their owner or the death of another pet in the home.

During a Reiki session, the animal takes as much or as little Reiki as will benefit them. Reiki can do no harm, and it is always used for the highest and best benefit of the animal. Reiki is always to be used as a complimentary therapy along with treatment from a qualified veterinarian.

Animal Reiki can be performed as a distance Reiki session or in a one-on-one session. The needs of the animal are most important when choosing where to conduct the session.

If you believe that your beloved pet may benefit from Reiki therapy, please book a session today. I look forward to hearing from you.

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