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Reiki, take me away!

Several decades ago when commercials were still in black and white, Calgon products were very popular. My favorite commercial was of the lady who had a built-in bath in the floor of her limo. She pressed a button, the floor gently opened, and there was a pool of gently bubbling water into which she sprinkled Calgon bath oil beads and said, “Calgon, take me away…” Ever since the late 1960s, the height of luxury to me is bath in your car!

I think most you will agree with me when I say if we ever needed Calgon to take us away the time is now. 2020 has the most stressful year on record. Every day we are bombarded by tragic news, world catastrophe, or political nightmare. It is October, and we are all feeling the strain. I have begun to stop speaking mid-sentence. My mind goes forward with about 5 thoughts at a time, but my voice cannot keep track of where I need to go, so it just stops. Terribly frustrating to my husband. Bless him.

Stress can affect us in other ways as well. Stomach upset, aches and pains we never had before, holding our breath without meaning to, or pressing our tongues so hard against the roof of our mouth that our jaws ache. Then there is the stress eating, the weight gain, and that nagging headache that just won’t go away, not to mention those new shoulder shaped earrings I have. ~~B R E A T H E ~~ Oh, did I mention the fatigue? I don’t know when I have been so completely spent.

Enough! Reiki, take me away!

Reiki is simply amazing at relieving stress. A Reiki session is calming and soothing to every inch of your being. During a Reiki session you fall into a calm, meditative state, and can feel a slight tingling energy begin to fill your body. My last two Reiki clients fell asleep about ten minutes into their session. The sound of a gentle whiffle during a session is the best compliment a therapist can receive.

Your Reiki session can be accompanied by soothing diffused essential oil while lying on an amazingly warm BioMat filled with amethyst crystals. Soothing music gently plays in the background while you are bathed in Reiki love and light. Stress lifts and flows away leaving only peace and stillness. An hour of pure bliss. Oh, yes… Reiki, take me away.

Book your appointment online. Right now. Relief is at hand.

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