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Have you ever been shook to the core of your being?

This summer has had me shook to the point that I questioned my belief system, my path, and myself. What happened doesn't really matter. It could have been any number of things. The earth shattered all the same.

Now I find myself on a journey that I did not anticipate on a road that I could never have imagined. I'm driving a cart in need of mending, with barely a scrap of a map, and my lantern is very dim. When I asked the Divine where the road was leading and what I should do, the reply was, "I will give you enough Light for the next step. Trust and continue on your way."

So I sat down. My mind racing--- This can't be right! Did I do something wrong? What happened here? Questions and time passed and more questions and more time passed. There was no vision, no angels, no dramatic revelation. It's just time to get back on the road.

So, here I am, trusting the Light on the path. Taking the next step.

This one thing I know. You are a part of my journey. Know that I am holding space for you. I wait with excited anticipation for the day we will meet on this journey.

Relief is at hand. Click the link to start this journey with me. I look forward to meeting you soon.

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