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Stuck On - Stuck Off

It happens to us all. We get in a place and we feel like we can’t break free. I fall victim to this myself. The question is— How do we get out?

Getting stuck can happen for any number of reasons. Stress, trauma, even the change in seasons, or the anniversary of a loss or trauma can affect our energy and our energy flow.

If you believe Einstein’s quantum theory (that everything is vibrating all the time and everything exists as it does because of the frequency at which it is vibrating), then what I am about to say will make sense. You vibrate, and when you experience stress or experience trauma or illness, that vibration changes. You cannot always readjust your vibration back to the optimum frequency.

Sometimes your vibration and energy get stuck on at full throttle. This vibration is too high intensity and you become exhausted and cannot relax. Other times it feels as if your energy isn’t moving at all. You are again exhausted, but in this state getting out of bed can be a challenge.

Your may stay stuck in either on or off until you make a conscious decision to break free.

The good news is that with Reiki and Crystal therapy your energy patterns can be brought back to optimum level. You are a resilient being. If you set your intention, you can do anything. Reiki therapy can assist you by helping you find the energy imbalances in your body and either freeing the blockages or calming the energy patterns.

It is time to break free! Schedule a Reiki session and let’s get started bringing you back in balance and on your way to optimal health.

Click on the link to schedule an appointment.

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